Here are photos of the 2003 Spring Camporee at Camp Munhackee

Pioneering was the featured skill.

Getting ready to raise the flag.

Edward Calhoun sawing away...

Robert Limmer... "Do what with this rope?"

Brandon Chapple lashing the tower.

Daniel Bates putting the top level on.

Kevin Ormsby testing out the platform

Is it sturdy enough?

Matt Bates.... "Ramming speed!"

Trying to lash while blind folded

Chris trying to tell Robert what to do

Chris Launius... "Dont drop me!"

Mr. Gillman... "Tie it right here!"

Yummy... dinner time.

Matt Bates... "It's as straight as it's gonna get!"

Edward and Kevin... "Lets swing together!"

Hey! I'm taller than you!

Kevin Ormsby... "Pull this rope!"