Chris Morin's Eagle Ceremony - February 29th, 2004 at Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Chris and Amber and their step-brother

Cisco Garcia, Dan Cobb, Eric Maes,

Chris Morin, John Barr Jr. and Andy Gillman

Darlene Morin, Chris and Jim Morin (mom and dad)

Lee and Jan Cobb

Bruce Phillips (uncle) and Jim

Steven, Chris and Bruce (uncles)

Arlie Braman congratulating Chris

Talking around the model campsite

Jack Phillips (grandpa) and Marlene Barr

At the reception

Dan, Cisco and Matt (SPL)

Vivian, Chris and Jack (grandma & grandpa)


Marlene Barr and Lee Cobb

Chris and Mom

Chris and Grandpa

Father and Son

Chris and Grandma